Facts About Blood Cancer You Need to Know

Blood Cancer is the most common type of cancers and nearly 10% of the new cancer cases in the US are related to blood cancer only. Leukaemia is the most common cause of cancer in children and nearly 30% of children are suffering from cancer due to Leukemia. These days, blood cancer is affecting so many lives and it has become mandatory to take necessary precautions to protect oneself from it. Here are some facts about blood cancer that everyone should be aware of.

Survival Rate of Blood Cancer Improved Recently

Blood cancer treatment has been gradually improved in the last twenty years and this led to the improvement in the survival rate too. The decades of research helped in saving so many people lives these days. According to research, nearly 63% of people who are diagnosed with leukaemia are living for five years or longer these days. This living percentage is increased to 85.9% for Hodgkin Lymphoma and 70% for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. 

Living a Better Life

After various developments in the blood cancer treatment in India, people are living a better life. The side effects of the cancer treatment significantly reduced and people are now living a healthy life compared to earlier treatments. They are not only living longer but are having a better life too. Oncologists are trying their best to provide patients with the right treatment and because of their endless researches, they help save many lives.

No Screening for Earlier Detection

Some of the cancer types like breast and colon cancer can be detected in their earlier stages with regular screenings but no matter how many screenings and tests are done at the start, one cannot detect the blood cancer. The people who are suffering from blood cancer won’t be able to recognise it until they experience certain symptoms like fever, weight loss, and lack of immunity. 

Various Types of Blood Cancer

There are so many types of multitudes of blood cancer- four types of Leukemia and some dozens of subtypes of the lymphoma. There are some rare types of blood cancer and treating such types of blood cancer is  tough. 

Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma- Different Types of Blood Cancer for Different Cells

Leukaemia, Lymphoma and myeloma affect white blood cells, lymphatic cells and plasma cells respectively. Abnormal white blood cells are generated in the body of a leukaemia affected person. These blood cells will form in the bone marrow and then they get mixed with the bloodstream. In the bloodstream, they start fighting with the healthy blood cells and reduce the immunity in the body. 

Similar to leukaemia, the plasma cells that produce antibodies are formed abnormally in the bone marrow and weaken the bones resulting in fractures and some other symptoms too. 

The lymph nodes are present in the bloodstream. The Lymphoma results in the swelling of these lymph nodes in groin, armpits and neck. After the swelling of lymph nodes in these body parts, it will start affecting the lymph nodes in other body parts.