Why people talk about the Dubai Desert Safari’s Camp a lot?

We already know that nights are known for its calmness. Every Human being sleeps and relaxes at night, but what if this night is spent in the deserts on the sand dunes with a lot of activities and entertaining shows?
In our daily lives we never get to experience the fun of sitting in a camp in the mid of the desert. Or if we go to normal camping there also we can never get the exciting experience of a camp setup in the deserts. The amount of peace which you can get while sitting in the camp and enjoying the activities in the mid of sand dunes is a kind of peace you can never get in your entire life with any other trip.  

The best part of Dubai desert safari’s camp is the starlit sky. When you are sitting under an open sky the stars are shining brightly on your face. The glow of those stars is just melting your heart and creating a realization in your heart that the world and the creations in it are the most exciting things to live for.

The most Famous activities because of which Dubai Desert Safari’s Camp is known for are:

Tanoura Dance:
It is a kind of special dance which is done by professional tanoura performers. It is a sort of folkloric dance. It is one in all the highlights of Dubai desert safari. Tanoura means skirt in English and it is sometimes performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, they spin unceasingly just like the folk dancers. The Tanoura beat is spiritual in nature and also the performers’ aim is to succeed in inner purity and to enter a trance-like state throughout the performance, being at one with God. The long moving colorful skirts that the performers wear create spectacular patterns as they twirl around in a circle.
Second best activity can be a Fire show
If you are looking for an entertaining activity that will make your camp night a night to remember you
should see the Fire show. The professionals at it throws the fire strings one by one which makes a lot of different fire patterns hence resulting in an mind soothing activity.
Third Best activity here is decorating your hand by Henna Art
Our Henna art specialists are there to decorate your hands with the beautiful patterns and designs of Henna.
End your Dubai Desert Safari’s Camp Night with a Palatable and Mouth Watering Dinner
 Royal dinner is an exclusive dinner that is served. This Dinner will give you the royalty feels. This dinner includes the international BBQ dinner with your preferred non-alcoholic drink. After the dinner you can also enjoy shisha smoking.  
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