The Gift Guide According to Every Kind of Relationship!

A relationship is the oxygen of life. We all live in this world where we all are in many relationships. All the relations have love, but there are classifications of love in all. And each relation has specific gifts for each relation. 

Here is a gift guide for every kind of love relationships. 

1) In a Serious Relationship

When you are in a serious relationship that means you have found your love of life. For this constant star of your life, there are some unique and exclusive gifts. 

a) For Him 

As he is the perfect boyfriend for you, there has to be something special about him. A box of her favorite chocolate from you would make him the happiest. A simple rose bouquet with an ‘I Love You’ message will make his day. A card with a ‘best boyfriend’ mug will be the perfect birthday gift for him. 

b) For Her

She is the moon of your life. A photo frame with her favorite photo of you together will make her smile the widest. Or a special jewelry gift for her can take her to cloud 9. A teddy bear and a chocolate temptation can make her mood light. For special occasion like her birthday, you can gift a coffee mug with a presto of both of you together. 

2) Friend with Benefit

This relationship status is total physical with no sentimental quotient. You can call it a ‘Netflix and Chill’ relation. This relation has some unique gifts as well. 

a) For Him

As this relation is more lust than ‘love’, you need to be a little more spending money. Anything that can make him up would be the best gift. Buying a few shots of tequila or shots can be well and good. 

b) For Her

As you want her in something that can turn you on, a hot bath towel can be an amazing gift. A bottle of wine with some dark chocolate can mean a lot of thing to her. When she is at work, she will feel surprised if you send gifts online

3) Married

This is the ultimate relation that authorizes love. When you are in this relation, nothing else excites you. This span of togetherness goes longer than any other relationship. 

a) For Him

When you both are together, from morning bed tea to midnight coffee all seem special. As you know his mood the best, you can gift things accordingly. The best gift is the sudden kisses. This can turn his every mood into the loving mood. 

b) For Her
The hugs from the back side when she is busy will get her the most. Besides, gifts that girls love like teddies and chocolates can also be the best gifts for her. On Valentine’s Day, a human size teddy bear with a personalized love letter will be the ideal gift for your wife. Any gift that makes her belief that is exclusively for her will make her love you more. 

4) Long Distance

This relationship status determines how deep your love is. It can be a married relationship as well as a committed relationship. Distance makes the heart strong and the relationship stronger. 

a) For Him

When he is in a relationship with you, means he has no other option but to be away from you. He is always missing you. So a gift that can make him feel closer to you is a good gift choice. A photo of all you together will keep you closest to his heart. Any token of your love like a watch or a pen can also make him realize your presence with him. Fragrance is another thing that reduces the distance and keeps people closer. So a bottle of your perfume can make him feel your presence. 

b) For Her

Being away from the love of your life needs a very strong heart. So she deserves the most special gifts of the world. A personalized diary with love notes in each page will be a great idea. A customized pillow with your wedding photo will be the perfect cuddling thing for her. A personalized letter each week can keep the hearts attached even if the distance apart them. You can get some best gifts for distance relationships from the best flower gift shop available on internet. 

On the basis of the relationship type, the love can be measurable. No matter how it is, it is love. SO the above gifts will be the best ideas for the couples in all existing love relationships.